Candelaria Content Strategy

Candelaria Design Content Strategy

Luxury is in each detail.
— Hebert de Givenchy

Candelaria Design is a universally respected and adored lifestyle institution. Every square inch of each design is an object lesson in the creativity, mastery and passion for life embodied by founder, Mark Candelaria.

Our objective is to produce content that not only reflects that same energy but also provides unique value to audiences and brand partners.


Content Objectives

Audiences are constantly being bombarded for their attention. As a result, they have absolutely zero patience for anything irrelevant or sub par.

The only way to consistently win their attention and trust is to provide content that is valuable and engaging.

Candelaria Design can accomplish this in the following ways:

  1. Provide value first and up front. This means every piece of content is designed to give the audience something of use that they wouldn’t otherwise have.

  2. Use the power of story to draw the audience in and keep them coming back for more.

  3. Leverage and continue to build Mark Candelaria’s personal brand.


How We Can Help

Our reputation at S.Marlowe has been built on crafting premium, modular, valuable content. What does that mean in practice?

First, it means that the content we produce is of world class quality.

Second, it means that we build each piece of content so that it can be impactful both on it’s own and in individual components.

Third, everything we do is with a view to producing maximum value to our clients and their target audience.

For instance, each video we produce can be broken down into beautiful stills for social posts and distilled into articles, blogs and podcasts. You can find a great example of that here.


Let’s Work Together

Let’s collaborate on an exceptional piece of content! It’ll give us the chance to get to know each other a bit better and get a feel for how well we’d fit.

General Focus: Mark is a multi-threat creative master. Let’s leverage his strengths and tell a story about how amazing moments centered around great food and a wonderful home make life beautiful.

The vibe would be similar to this:

Total Investment: $5000