Candelaria Content Strategy

Candelaria Design Content Strategy

Luxury is in each detail.
— Hebert de Givenchy

A View From The Top

Candelaria Design is uniquely positioned to become a content powerhouse for the following reasons:

  1. World class best practices and thought leadership.

  2. A cache of exceptional work.

  3. Universal respect and strong brand trust.

Audiences are constantly bombarded for their attention. The only way to consistently win that attention and trust is to provide content that is valuable and engaging.

How do we leverage these strengths into an effective, value-generating content strategy?


Connecting The Dots

Candelaria Design is in the business of literally making dreams come true. As such, the content output should fall into these the 3 categories.

Ooohs and Ahhhs

Muhammad Ali is famous for saying, “It's not bragging if you can back it up.” Your work is extraordinary and showing it off should be a priority. This kind of content is great for building hype and making potential clients aware of what you can do. An example:

Our Clients Love Us! Here’s Why.

This kind of content is excellent because it gives you the opportunity to talk about how you delight your clients. Your work process is important but potential clients only care about how it will benefit them. Here you can explain exactly how you helped a client build their dream using the talent and approach that is unique to Candelaria Design.

The key is to tell a story that highlights your expertise but also makes the benefits to your clients clear.

Here’s an example of this at the highest level (your approach will likely be much more direct but this is a good example of a customer-centric story):

Uncommon Knowledge

This area separates the good from the great and the great from the legendary. Over 20 years, Candelaria Design has accumulated a depth of knowledge that is extremely valuable. You uniquely understand the challenges your partners and clients face and you can provide thought leadership from a position of experience.

Blogs, podcasts ect will fall under this category.

The best approach is to make it as easy as possible for your audience to consume this content in their preferred manner - usually video, audio or in written form.

In other words, a podcast (for example) should consist of the audio, a video of the conversation and a written article (essentially a transcript of the conversation). This will make it easy to remix the content across all platforms. Here’s a good example of this in practice:


Let’s Work Together

We have most of our partners set up on a content subscription service. This means the monthly investment is clearly defined and we can devise a system that ensures you have exactly what you need when you need it.

We can add or subtract content as necessary.

Given our previous conversations, here’s how we can help on a monthly basis.

Ooohs and Ahhhs

We’ll shoot and/or edit video coverage of your homes.

Individual Edits (from footage previously shot): $800 base rate

Video Coverage and Edits: $1500 base rate

Our Clients Love Us! Here’s Why.

We’ll produce and help you distribute a story driven piece of content that highlights one of your projects. We’ll also transpose the video into an article for platforms like LinkedIn.

$2000 base rate

Uncommon Knowledge

We can help you research topics for articles and assist in writing them. We can also produce video and written versions of podcasts.

Rate: TBA (video and written versions of podcasts are sometimes complimentary)