Galvanize Docuseries

Galvanize Phoenix Docuseries

Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.
— Seth Godin

Connection and Value

Phoenix is quickly becoming an entrepreneurial haven. As more and more success stories unfold Galvanize is uniquely positioned for the following reasons:

  1. Heartfelt devotion to providing the best environment and tools for start-up success.

  2. Recognition as the entrepreneurial epicenter of the city of Phoenix.

  3. Universal respect and strong brand trust.

Galvanize is in the business of empowering people to come together and build the future.

That story is incredibly valuable! How do we best tell it?


Shared Values, Shared Story

Each entrepreneur has a different vision and each business has different goals. But they are each bound together by common values and a story that drives them forward. Galvanize can be the platform for those stories. This will not only energize current partners, it will attract prospective partners who share those same values.

Practical Application

A docuseries is a great brand storytelling tool because it showcases the value the brand offers without focusing on the brand. Instead, the focus is placed on the people who benefit. An example of this at the highest level:

Approaching brand development this way makes viewers several times more likely to develop authentic, long-lasting connections with us. It also makes it that much easier to stand out in contrast with competitors.

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Let’s Work Together

The stories of entrepreneurs are incredibly important to us and there is a definite opportunity for synergy here. We’d love to work with you on this! Here is a summary some of our most recent work: